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Tungson Group
 Tungson Group was established in October 1996. Tungson group includes:
 * Tungson Electronics Machinery Ltd
 * Tungson Electronics Ltd
 Tungson’s factory is at Floor 5, building Bl, Songhu Zhigu Research Center, No.6 Minfu Road, Liaobu Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province China. The total factory area larger than 10000 square meters.
 Tungson concentrates on:
 1.Design, develop and sale of the Odd-from Component Insertion Machine
 2.Agenting Panasonic’s Chip Mounters and other SMT related equipment.
 3.Processing the materials which include SMT, components insertion and products assembling.
 For so many years, Tungson persists in quality policy that “ Everybody participates in the work; keep progressing; improve the quality to make customers satisfy with us”. Following the permission of ISO9001, Tungson’s quality of production and products will keep improving, and Tungson will continue to provide services to customers as perfect as possible.

Tungson Electronic Machinery Ltd
 Tungson Electronics Machinery Ltd is a professional company which concentrates on design, Research, development, production, sale and customer services. At the same time, Tungson also concentrate on the development and the production of Odd-form component insertion machine. Tungson has professional equipment, hardware, software and professional employees of sales department. Besides, Tungson group company has more than 20 years experiences in EMS electronic production, feedback from Tungson’s massive customers. Tungson also has updated equipment, cooperation of many famous international partner and achieve the international safety criterion and concepts of Industry 4.0. Tungson’s confidence comes from our 5 years technical reserve from developing Odd-form Component Insertion Machine and our massive positive feedback from market. Tungson is still developing the most efficient, valuable and suitable solutions for automatic production to customers.

Tungson Electronics Ltd
 Tungson Electronics Ltd concentrates on the design, develop, production, material processing and sale of electronic related products. Since the company established, Tungson Electronics Ltd adopts the production equipment and advanced administrating system from the high-tech companies of Europe, United State and Japan. Tungson has dustless and anti-static SMT manufacturing department and several high-speed SMT chip mounting, Axial Lead Component Inserting, PCBA assembling manufacturing assembling lines. At the same time, Tungson also has advanced checkout equipment like X-ray, ICT, AOI, BGA rework station and aging simulation laboratory. Tungson also has groups of experienced R&D Members; they have strong independent developing and manufacturing ability. Besides, Tungson has the ISO9001 certification.

 The main business of Tungson Electronics Ltd include: Circuit Board’sSurface Mounting(SMT), Axial Lead Component Inserting(AI), PCBA assembling(DIP), OEM processing of electronic related products. OEM processing of whole body assembling, ODM and EMS contract manufacturing service.

 Production covers : Industrial category, consumer category, medical category, digital category, network communication category, computer peripheral category. For example: mobile phone motherboard, PHS, DVD, MP3, computer motherboard, notebook motherboard, network equipment board, instrument control board, ADSL Modem modem, switch, router, set-top box, digital camera, printer, radio and so on, covering all industries, communications, medical, digital, consumer, computer peripherals, etc. Electronics high-tech products board and whole machine processing assembly.
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