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Multiple Function Insertion Machine
Multiple Function Insertion Machine
Time:2019-05-30 09:23:56
Ordering Hotline:+86-769-85389385
80's electronics industry has an AI revolution
90's electronics industry has another SMT placement revolution
Today, the birth of Tungson OCM (Multifunctional Plug-in Machine)
Leading the new generation of revolution in the electronics industry

Universal, multi-station, multi-function plug-in machine
1. Modular design, easy to change lines and improve efficiency;
2. The components are accurately inserted to ensure quality and reduce costs;
3, the placement machine software foundation, man-machine intelligent operation interface;
4, preset various types of components and materials, flexible call in the component library;
5, the feeder is embedded in the design, does not occupy the space outside the machine;
6, data management, to avoid human error;
7, with pressure sensing function, automatic identification of pins to improve the quality of the insertion;
8, automatic identification of component polarity function, to avoid component insertion;
9, IC pin forming function, saving secondary investment;
10. Industrial 4.0 mode for powerful software management and remote monitoring.

Remote Operation and Monitoring

Barcode Automatic Identification System

The board automatically checks the PCB barcode, identifies it and eliminates the entry of the wrong board.

Hardware and Software

Stable and reliable- Original imported screw, Panasonic servo motor and other main components.

Modular-TungsonOCM-II is easy, easy and fast to replace the feeder.
◆ It takes only 2 minutes to replace a set of feeders;
◆ Quick pull joint design, nozzle or pneumatic finger replacement only takes 20 seconds;
◆The feeder is equipped with a communication connection socket, plug and play;
◆The changeover time is 80% less than the same type of mechanical equipment;
◆Can be switched to bulk, belt, tube, and tray loading stations;
◆ Built-in DC power supply system to prevent accidents caused by improper operation of personnel.

Centering System-High-precision pin-pair identification and component shape analysis function, complete implementation of precision-shaped components .

Software- ◆CHP system can monitor various production conditions such as production cycle and efficiency in real time;
◆Automatically develop MT-6D system, integrated numerical control 12 vibration source amplitude parameters;
◆ PCB reference point and coordinate copying is easy, greatly reducing programming time;
◆With PCB bad board identification function to avoid wasting component materials;
◆Offline programming (*1), preset production line feeding configuration and insertion mode;
◆PPVC program simulation function, for the assembly distribution, moving routes, for the preview.

Retrieve tool

Sucker-The nozzle is easy to fold and fits for the pick-up of many special-shaped components, especially when it is used in a multi-purpose machine. The mouth is replaced quickly and the transfer line is efficient.

Pneumatic finger-Tungson's self-developed pneumatic finger is easy to assemble and disassemble, suitable for the grasping of many special-shaped components, with strong compatibility and stability. reliable.

portable material

Multiple options for the feeding system

Product Line Combination Reference

project parameters
Transfer track height from the ground 930±30mm
Device Dimensions L1670*W1620*H1690mm(*4)
host net weight About approx.1000kg
Placement/Instrumentation Fastest 2400cph
PCB Transfer System  
Loadable PCB board size L50*W50-L490*W420mm
Fixed edge position front end
PCB transfer direction L-> R or r-> L
PCB transfer thickness 0.8-3.0
Transfer track adjustment method Digital Auto-Width Adjustment Digital Control
Conveyor belt and track maximum load 3.0Kg
Up/Down components can pass height Up 45/ Down 15
Package Platform  
X/Y/Z axis repeatability ±0.01mm
X/Y axis drive method Servo Motor
R-axis repeatability ≤±0.1°
Drive mode for each cartridge head (Z and R axes) Independent Servo Motor
How to replace the nozzle/gas finger Speed ​​Dial Connector
Positive/negative pressure switching Component Library Edit
Pressure sensing function Level optional
Number of loadable stations 3+3 (or above)
Configurable various supply stations Bulk, belt, tube, panel, multi-disc (*z)
Electrical System  
SMEMA Online Signal Interface European 14-pin SMEMA socket
Power Requirements Single-phase 220V-240V 20A 2 group
Operating System Win7 (Genuine Software Licensed)
Main Program Software Human Machine Intelligence Software
Programming data for PCB board storage ≥200
Editable component type in component library Max.999
File import format CAD/TXT
Other software features Offline programming Off-line Programming(*1)Barcode scanning&identification(*3)
Teaching and Visual Systems  
CCD Video Camera Upper 2nd, 2nd
Component/Pin Alignment Lower camera discrimination
Coordinate copy of the PCB PCB 0°/90°/180°/270°Copy
Check the Bad-mark of the puzzle Upper camera check
Safety Device  
Safety Door Equipment Induction switch, open the door and stop it
Pressure failure alarm Positive pressure or vacuum
CE Security Standards Preparation
Other parameters  
Packageable component size (L*W*Hmm) 3*3*5 - 40*40*45 (with pin length)
Pressure gas input requirements 4-7 kg/cubic meter
Remarks: *1=Options *2=Development projects *3=Conditional restrictions *4=No signal tower lights, monitors, mouse and keyboard trays
Security Considerations
•Before using, please read the instruction manual carefully and use it correctly. • In order to use the products listed in the catalog safely, please check carefully the operating instructions and equipment warnings attached to the equipment, whether during the operation or when the product is stopped. After the notice, proceed to the correct operation.
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